OTS consultants are the UPK experts. We have been working with UPK and OnDemand for over 10 years! Our consultants were also instrumental in beta testing the product before it was released, which gives us an edge over our competitors as far as knowing the tool inside and out. We work with our customers to provide:

  • UPK Strategy & Deployment Planning
  • UPK Content Development Solutions
  • UPK Product Training

OTS is working with numerous clients (public and private sectors) who utilize Oracle, PeopleSoft, Siebel, SAP and JD Edwards. We successfully deliver end user training and change communications programs using UPK. OTS has also cornered the market by customizing UPK’s Know IT! mode to incorporate true/false and multiple choice questions. This capability enables our clients to thoroughly assess end user skill sets during and after training.

As an Oracle Partner, OTS provides the latest in UPK enhancements which will increase your organizations capability to create sophisticated training material that meets the needs of your project.

A UPK training & communications strategy, together with the associated project plan, enables our customers to put in place the necessary plans to successfully execute the design, development and delivery of the end user training and communications modules.

To maximize the success of UPK, OTS works with customers to analyze the:

  • Best possible use of UPK, to deliver on the organizational and project requirements
  • Specific end user training requirements, including course outlines, attendees and modes of delivery
  • Content development time-frames that are scheduled and aligned with the key project milestones
  • Content Development

OTS provides the full range of UPK content development services, regardless of the size or scope of your project.

OTS future customers who want to achieve successful knowledge transfer utilizing UPK can expect:

  • Top quality, role based UPK training content
  • Highly efficient development timelines
  • Integrated learning and performance support materials
  • Integrated learning and performance support materials

Our instructional designers will work collaboratively with your project team and subject matter experts to create learning outcomes that will strongly reinforce the project goals, and:

  • Increase system utilization
  • Reduce project risk
  • Minimize the total cost of learning
  • Provide moment of need information

UPK Product Training

The OTS UPK Developer Training Course is designed for course authors, editors, and other individuals in need of the skills and knowledge to record and edit content in the UPK Developer.

Through hands-on exercises, participants learn how to create courses by adding modules, lessons, and topics to the outline. They will learn how to record content on with any application, and use the Topic Editor to enhance and/or customize recorded content.

Participants will also explore the various deployment options and then review the Browser-based Player in detail.