Change Management

Acceptance of change is defined by many as “getting results.” But leadership also expects on-time, on-budget and fully functional deployment. Successful change often goes unrealized because, even with a great design and strong project planning, those being affected by the change resist or fail to embrace it. Identifying and proactively dealing with resistance is what OTS calls effective Change Management. We take pride in preparing your company for change.

…it is about aligning people, processes, and technology with enterprise strategy and vision to achieve business transformation.

At OTS, we know that effective organizational change management is a three-tiered initiative. Installing a new enterprise resource management application (technology) by itself is not enough. Actively involving employees in a change program with built-in incentives for change by itself is not enough. Defining new business processes that can transform the organization by itself is not enough. Organization change management includes all three; it is about aligning people, processes, and technology with enterprise strategy and vision to achieve business transformation.

OTS’s organizational change management professionals help our clients successfully create and foster a culture for positive change. We partner with clients to develop an approach that expedites the change process while minimizing business disruption; resulting in a fast return on investment.

    Although ERP implementations provide significant benefits to organizations, they can create the following organizational challenges:

  • Eliminated processes
  • Re-engineered processes and workflows
  • Changes to employee roles and responsibilities

    To assist our clients as they navigate their way through these organizational complexities, OTS offers the following ERP organizational change management services:

  • Organizational Readiness Assessment
  • Organizational Design and Development
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Delivery and Follow-up
  • Communications Planning and Execution

    Here are just a few first steps you can take as you plan for a successful ERP implementation:

  1. List the business processes your organization follows today in its various units and businesses. Document them in as much detail as possible.
  2. Thinking about your business top-down, list stakeholders and change agents in each location. Doing so will enable you to make certain your support for change is at a grass-roots level and wide-spread enough to support a successful implementation.
  3. Define performance metrics for each business unit within the enterprise. Make certain the metrics tie back to your business case and high-level strategies and your overall mission. Doing so will ensure ERP is implemented in ways that will register the performance metrics.
  4. Before implementing ERP, define performance targets to see how ERP can augment your business. After ERP implementation, check those performance targets and make sure your business is moving the needle on those metrics.
  5. Make certain that your ERP implementation team has SMEs and long-time employees who understand business operations at a deep level. Make sure every location is represented by both SMEs and wise elders.
  6. Develop a change management, communications, and training program that helps employees deal with the various ways their jobs will be affected by the ERP implementation.

OTS uses our proven process value management methodology that provides a comprehensive combination of solutions, including:

    Strategy Implementation

  • Goal setting
  • New business model execution
  • Organization alignment
  • Process renovation
  • Cultural change acceleration
  • Resource productivity planning

    Organization Change Management Implementation

  • Strategic destiny through leadership training and development

OTS’s change management methodology implements a common platform of technology, process, and human resources resulting in accelerated change in your company that can lead to success despite tough economic times.

Let OTS help your company realize its potential by implementing Breakthrough Performance with Organizational Change Management.